After spending 13 years in NYC as a professional modern dancer (primarily with the Mark Morris Dance Group), Anne Sellery returned to her west coast roots to find her next true love as a makeup artist. Having been a musician and a professional modern dancer, Anne offers a unique focus, discipline, accessibility, and playfulness to the actors/performers/sets with whom she works.


Anne spent 6 years as a makeup artist on the hit NBC TV series, "Grimm", where she periodically stepped up to Key. In Beauty and Makeup Effects (blood, sweat, tears, dirt, prosthetics) - Grimm had her doing it all. She is completely thrilled to have been a part of such a fantastic show in Portland, OR and to have worked with such a wonderful cast and crew. They are her forever family.

Anne's latest endeavor was as the Key MUA on the TBS show, 'Chad'. But production was shut down about halfway through, due to Covid19.

In 2018 and 2019, Anne had the pleasure of working on the hit Hulu TV show, 'Shrill'. This is a show that everyone can relate to. It's the show to watch! S3 is scheduled to resume this fall, hopefully, depending on Covid19.


In 2017, Anne was the Dept Head of  makeup on Debra Granik's film, "Leave No Trace" with actors Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie. The film is critically acclaimed around the world and Anne is incredibly grateful for such an amazing experience. It was on Tom Brokaw's top 10 movies for 2018! And even Barack Obama raved about this film!


Anne has also taken her makeup skills to the stage. She's been working with Mark Morris Dance Group's "The Hard Nut" for the past 5 Decembers (in NYC, Berkeley, CA, and Seattle, WA). She is thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to come back, full circle, to do makeup for the company with whom she danced with in NYC. She's also worked with the Portland Opera for 3 seasons, wigs and all!


Anne is looking forward to her next adventure: wherever that may take her. Whether it be film, television, commercial, print, or stage - she is ready!


Thank you for reading and thank you for your consideration!



P.S. During these unprecedented times, Anne would like to assure you that she is prepared with proper PPE for a safe working environment while on set. Please feel free to contact her with any questions or concerns. 

Thank you!


"I have worked with Anne Sellery in several different projects and movie sets. She always brings a positive vibe that immediately sets everyone around her at ease. Anne is also collaborative and a skilled professional, with a lot of attention to detail and color sense. I am always looking forward to having Anne involved in any projects I work on."

~Rodrigo DeMedeiros, Actor, Writer, Photographer

"With a dancer's grace, Anne's hands weave special effects makeup into a seamless reality that creates visually intriguing images and breathes life into two dimensional characters."

~Lorraine Montez, Actress, Writer, Producer

"I must especially commend my make-up gal, Anne Sellery. Anne is a treasure! I had an extended crying scene and she was very responsive to my concerns about my contact lenses getting dried out or makeup running into my eyes. She worked with me to avoid running makeup and kept me in a constant supply of tissues and saline! She really took good care of me all day."

~Diane Englert, Actress, "Grimm"

"Anne Sellery has a gift. I have worked on sets both big and small, paid and unpaid, and in my experiences, Anne's ability has impressed me more than any others. She is professional, conscientious, and an absolute delight to work with. With Anne as a Makeup Artist, I never feel that someone is simply applying product to my face; I feel like a canvas under the hand of an artist. Anne's make-up makes me feel like the absolute best version of myself, bringing out aspects I never saw before. Nothing would make me happier than to bring Anne with me to every set I work on."

~Wonder Russell, Actress

“As a Makeup Artist, Anne is supremely talented in her time management skills, ability to
multi-task and is also extremely reliable and dependable. She is able to use her knowledge of
the job to foresee potential issues and takes according action to help deflect potential
problems. She is a great self motivator along with being skilled in both beauty and special
effects makeup. I would happily re-employ Anne as I consider her to be a valuable member of the team, who consistently achieved good results and delivers all expectations”

~Laura Loucks, Makeup Department Head, Grimm

"For six seasons on NBC's Grimm, Anne was not only amazing to be around and work with, but most importantly, she made me look GREAT day after day. Whether the day called for me to look camera-ready with a suit on or whether I had special effects makeup on, she delivered beyond expectation with efficiency, speed, and most importantly, consistently fantastic results. She will always be my makeup artist of choice for the rest of my career."

~ Reggie Lee, 'Sgt Wu', Grimm